Developing New Technologies & New Products

Vertellus has 150+ years of experience in developing new technologies and new products and is the world leader in the production of pyridine, picolines and their derivatives. From crop-protection chemicals to the highest standards of production for FDA-approved pharmaceutical applications, Vertellus consistently meets the challenge. Market leadership, longevity and technical expertise afford our professionals great market insight into the entire specialty chemistry field.

  • Analytical methods development
  • cGMP-Laboratory protocols and validation
  • Laboratory scale, state-of-the-art research facilities:
    • Fixed and fluid bed catalysis
    • Continuous distillation
    • High-pressure reactions
  • Medical device coatings laboratory
  • Natural materials-based chemistry
  • Plastics, coatings, adhesives, sealants and personal care products application laboratory
  • Complex organic synthesis scale-up capabilities
    • Kilogram laboratories (20L)
    • Small-scale pilot (100-200L)
    • Pilot (500-750L)
    • Semi-works (2,000L)
  • Specialty formulations