Personal & Consumer Care Ingredients and Actives for Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, and Home Care Products

Personal Care products using natural ingredients are a huge trend in the market today. Vertellus offers a variety of ingredients from plants and has been using natural-based formulating ingredients for personal care for decades.

Vertellus is the leading supplier of castor oil and castor oil derivative formulating ingredients. Derivatives of other natural products also available are valued for consistency and stability. Nature-based product applications include emollients, pigment wetters and emulsifiers in a broad range of skin and hair care products.

Some of the benefits of Vertellus ingredients for personal care products are:

  • Delivery systems such as encapsulation that control and increase ingredient release;
  • Enhancement of aesthetics and prevention of agglomeration;
  • Preservative and protection systems that offer microbial protection against harmful microorganism growth and preserve chemistry of the product; and
  • Proteins are the basic building blocks of hair and skin products, and Vertellus is a leading manufacturer of proteins from plant sources.