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VenPure Sodium Borohydride

Sodium Borohydride is the primary reducant used on an industrial scale.  It is easily handled, it is safe to use, and it is most cost-efficient chemical hydride available on the market.  For all these reasons, API producers have embraced VenPure sodium borohydride as the reagent of choice for their processess.

HIV Treatments

VenPure sodium borohydride is the reagent choice for manufacturers of first and second line HIV treatements. Safe and easily handled on a large scale, sodiuim borohydride allows drug formulators to produce HIV medication in high volumes, at a low cost, to meet increasing global needs.

Antibiotics, Anti-Malarials, and Hypertension Medications

Vertellus is a trusted supplier of VenPure sodium borohydride, the chemical hydride reduction agent of choice in the synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).  Sodium borohydride is safe, easily handled on a large scale and is the most cost-effective chemical hydride available on the market.



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