100% increase in production capacity positions Vertellus as a low-cost, global supplier of alkanes. Vertellus is targeting the phase change material market, an emerging technology, for its alkanes.

The target range for carbon lengths is between C12 to C20 for alkanes.Vertellus provides a very attractive value proposition with a very competitive latent heat per weight per cost. With added alkane production capacity in place, Vertellus is developing eicosane (A20T) in its 2015 pipeline. Octadecane (A18T) represents the company’s largest category of alkane production due to its ability to absorb and release heat close to the human body temperature. Hexadecane (A16T) was commercialized in 2014.

Vertellus also offers specialized chemistries and high purity grades to serve customers’ unique needs. Vertellus is now positioned to serve as a high-volume, low-cost supplier of alkanes to PCM customers who supply several industries including bedding, textiles and construction.  Alkanes behave in a manner similar to a rechargeable thermal battery; continuously absorbing and releasing heat over thousands of cycles.

In addition to alkanes, Vertellus offers encapsulation technologies for the PCM market.