At Vertellus our custom synthesis offering and range of own products is built around strengths in multiple technologies: Bromination, Chlorination, Grignard Reagents, Malenisation, Oxidation, Phosgenation, Pyridine Technology, Reductions, Sodium Dispersion and Sulfination.

By focusing on a clearly defined technology portfolio we are able to offer our customers advatages in: knowledge of the latest applicationsand issues surrounding core chemistries; flexible, fully compatible plant; strengths in raw material purchasing and storage; full compliance with current health and safety legislation as well as leading thinking on future changes to regulations.

In addition to our core technologies we are able to perform a much wider range of reactions (these include acetylations, alkylations, aminations, benzylation, cyclisations, cyanations, esterifications, etherfications, quaternisation, polymerisations, vlismeier and reductions) which can be used to support our unique toolbox of chemistries.