A Leading Provider in a Variety of Markets

Vertellus is a leading provider in the world of specialty chemicals for the agriculture, nutrition, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, medical, personal care, plastics, coatings and many other industrial markets. Our products are in the things you use every day – toothpaste, deodorants, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, detergents, plastics, adhesives, inks, tires and more.

Vertellus is fully-integrated across the pyridine chemistry value chain – we are the largest global manufacturer of pyridine and picolines. We provide intermediates for crop protection chemicals as well as biocides, pharmaceuticals and many other applications. We also manufacture vitamin B3 nutrition products for animal, human and pharmaceutical uses.

Vertellus comprises a broad basket of complex technologies, manufacturing biomaterials, CPC biocides, pyridine derivatives, DEET, sulfones, EMA copolymers, alkenyl succinic anhydrides, reducing agents, and a host of natural and renewable chemistries based on castor and citrates. Vertellus specializes in developing and producing fine chemicals and intermediates for sophisticated chemistry applications, as well as systems and additives that enhance the physical properties of customer end-use formulations.

Vertellus has 10 manufacturing plants around the world, including in the US, Europe, China and India. There are many advantages to this position:

  • Vertellus is a Responsible Care® company and follows the highest regulatory standards across all of our manufacturing facilities.
  • Vertellus applies consistent manufacturing and quality control procedures – we embrace continuous improvement through the use of Six Sigma and lean manufacturing methodology.
  • Our global integrated supply chain offers the customer product consistency, easy access, supply security and reasonable turnaround on delivery.

From crop protection chemicals to the highest standards of production for FDA-approved pharmaceutical applications, Vertellus consistently meets the challenge. Market leadership, longevity and technical expertise afford our professionals great market insight into the entire specialty chemicals field.